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Important advice in relation to the use of enzyme supplement GluteGuard

First published 9 Nov 2016, reviewed 28 Feb 2019, reviewed 24 Sep 2020.

GluteGuard is an enzyme product developed and manufactured in Australia by Glutagen Pty Ltd. It is listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) with the permitted indication:

Helps reduce occurrence of symptoms of medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity caused by inadvertent gluten ingestion

The Australian manufacturer of GluteGuard, Glutagen Pty Ltd, advises that:

–   GluteGuard contains a natural enzyme extracted from the skin of the Carica papaya fruit. This enzyme can digest (break down) small amounts of gluten. By doing this it may help to reduce the symptoms due to inadvertent ingestion of small amounts of gluten.

–   Glutagen has data from published clinical trials finding that GluteGuard may assist in reducing the occurrence of symptoms experienced by people with coeliac disease if exposed to small amounts of gluten.

–   GluteGuard is not intended to treat or cure coeliac disease or any other medical condition, and therefore should not be used to replace a strict gluten-free diet.

–   The intended use of GluteGuard is as an adjunct (in addition) to a strict gluten free diet to help reduce the symptoms of inadvertent gluten ingestion in individuals suffering from medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity. Inadvertent gluten ingestion may result from cross contamination and accidental ingestion, such as might occur when travelling, eating out or when meals are prepared by others.

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune illness caused by dietary gluten. The only treatment for coeliac disease is the life-long avoidance of foods containing gluten. Persistent disease inflammation that may result from inadequate adherence to a strict gluten free diet may be associated with potentially serious medical complications such as anemia, osteoporosis, other autoimmune diseases, cancer and infections.

Coeliac Australia and Glutagen Pty Ltd stress that people with coeliac disease who choose to use GluteGuard must continue to maintain a strict gluten free diet even when using the product. Deliberate consumption of gluten when using GluteGuard is potentially unsafe even if you do not experience adverse symptoms.

If you choose to use GluteGuard you should not relax your strict gluten free diet and must not deliberately ingest gluten.

14 August 2023