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Become a corporate partner

A partnership with Coeliac Australia allows you to engage your employees and key stakeholders to achieve your corporate social responsibility objectives and sustainable development goals.

Aligning with Coeliac Australia in a strategic partnership, can provide your business with the ability to show a direct social impact. (UN Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3 ,9 and 15)


Zero hunger


Good health and well-being


Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure


Life on land

In collaboration with Coeliac Australia, we can promote inclusivity, improve access and engagement with the gluten-free community and develop a tailored corporate partnership program to achieve mutual objectives.

Around 1 in every 70 individuals in Australia have confirmed diagnosis of coeliac disease, which means that approximately 80% of the population remains undiagnosed and among them, there might be individuals within your workforce who are potentially at risk. It is also estimated that 12% of Australians chose to follow a gluten free lifestyle, which is over 3 million Australians.

This presents a significant opportunity for your organisation to support those effected and contribute to a life-changing solution. By standing alongside these individuals, we can empower them to embrace a gluten-free lifestyle without fear, whilst we strive for the prevention and cure for coeliac disease. It is an ideal moment for your organisation to make a meaningful impact.

Corporate partnership engagement

Corporate Donations
Through corporate donations, grants and employee fundraising your support will help fund Coeliac Australia’s innovative world first research shaping how people with coeliac disease are diagnosed and monitored in the future. Coeliac Australia is in partnership with lead researchers and organisations to make a meaningful impact on the gluten free community steering the national research agenda, for example the economic cost of coeliac disease to the community and the cost-of-living study for those diagnosed with coeliac disease. Contact us
Workplace Giving
Workplace giving programs provide your employees an easy and convenient way to contribute to Coeliac Australia and making a meaningful difference for people with coeliac disease. By participating in Coeliac Australia’s workplace giving program, you can boost employee morale, purpose, and fulfilment. This, in turn can enhance employee engagement, retain, and reduce turnover. Through workplace giving we collaborate with you through our regular employee giving or matched giving programs doubling your impact of your employee contributions. Contact us
Event Sponsorship

We run the gluten -free living expos and a variety of key events aimed at the gluten-free community and Coeliac Australia members. This represents a fantastic opportunity to leverage and expose your brand and company with sponsorship packages.

By way of your support and participation you can increase your brand awareness, directly engage with your desired audience, and have a platform to showcase, demonstrate and promote your products or services to a highly engaged target market.

To get involved see our calendar of events for more details!

Corporate Health & Wellbeing
Through Coeliac Australia’s tailored health and wellbeing program early intervention of coeliac disease is key as diagnosis of coeliac disease is often overlooked or delayed, resulting in an increased risk of developing more serious medical conditions. By investing in our health and wellbeing program we help educate and manage those employees diagnosed with coeliac disease and identify those undiagnosed creating a healthier workforce. By promoting to your team these initiatives can increase employee productivity, enhance job satisfaction, reduce absenteeism, and create a better work-life balance. Contact us
Corporate Volunteering
Through Coeliac Australia’s corporate volunteering program skilled volunteers are provided with the opportunity to apply their professional expertise in a different context and for a cause whilst nonskilled volunteers have the opportunity to gain personal fulfilment while making a positive impact on society and make meaningful connections. Contact us

Employee engagement benefits

When employees unite around a common cause, your workplace can become more positive and productive.

Boost employee engagement and morale at work, increase in participation rate, lower employee turnover, and reduce absenteeism.

Increased awareness, dietary education, reliable and credible source of information, access to resources for family and friends.

Workplace giving programs can provide employees with immediate tax savings and company tax benefits.

Workplace fundraising events and campaigns encourage positive collaboration among co-workers.

Whether you are a large multinational company or a small business, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss ways in which we can partner that align with our shared goals and objectives.

Find out more from our corporate partnerships team.