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Gluten free eating
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A program for Food Service Providers

The demand for gluten free meals is at an all-time high, it is estimated that 12% of Australians chose to follow a gluten free lifestyle. This represents over 3 million people choosing to eat gluten free, a major market opportunity for your business.

However, people with coeliac disease, eating out of home is one of the biggest and most stressful challenges finding a genuine gluten free option, they can eat at with confidence. The Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Program is the solution, the program comprises of an education and training for your team, site operating standards, ongoing support and structured audit review against Coeliac Australia’s Gluten Free Standard for Food Service Providers to ensure that best practice processes have been implemented.

The Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Program is the benchmark in gluten free standards in food services and provides consumers they can ‘eat with confidence’ at your establishment. Becoming an Accredited venue, you can target the target the gluten free market backed by Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Program. Participants are licensed to use the Trade Mark ‘GF’ symbol as a marketing tool for your business and the symbol can be used on menus and advertising.

Accreditation process?

Accreditation is only for food services and catering where a food product is directly served to the customer.

The Accreditation Program is a 5 Step process of:

Document Review

In depth assessments of protocols, staff, menu, ingredients, recipes and procedures. templates and guidance provided.

Laboratory Testing

Guidance provided on sourcing a laboratory and which menu items to submit for testing.

Onsite Audit

Arranged by coeliac australia to confirm practice against the coelaic Australia gluten free standard for australian food providers.


Agreement between coeliac australia and partner for use of accreditation. The licence is a 12 month period.


Series of announcements to market on launch of accredited site to coeliac australia audience and members via website, print and various social media sites.


To be eligible the facility does NOT have to be operating 100% gluten free. Accreditation is open to food service businesses including:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafés and bakeries
  • Butchers
  • Food trucks
  • Catering services
  • Quick Service restaurants and casual dining 

Why use Accreditation?

The demand for gluten free meals is at an all-time high, yet eating away from home is one of the biggest challenges faced by those with coeliac disease. The 2021 Coeliac Australia survey showed:

  • Nearly 59% of Coeliac Australia members say that CA Accreditation plays a moderate or major role in their choice of venue. 

It is daunting and stressful for one to find genuine gluten free options when eating outside the home, where the Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Program provides confidence that the gluten free consumer can dine at an Accredited venue.

Quotes from accredited participants

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*2023 Coeliac Australia Member survey