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Byron Perry Cafe Secures First Coeliac Australia Accreditation In Mudgee

Byron Perry Cafe, located in Mudgee, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Coeliac Australia-accredited venue in the region. This accreditation, which allows the cafe to display the prestigious Coeliac Australia, Accreditation Tick of Approval reinforces its commitment to providing reliable gluten-free dining options. 

The cafe, which commenced operations in June 2022, originally had no intentions of including gluten-free options on its menu. Nevertheless, as they began to draw patrons, needing to follow a gluten-free diet, the significance of addressing this specific dietary requirement became evident.  

Co-owner Glenn Van Reason, speaking to Benjamin Palmer – Journalist in an article featured in the Western Central News about their accreditation, explained their rationale, saying,  

“We recognised an opportunity to expand our knowledge and ensure that our approach was in line with best practices.”  

Coeliac Australia’s Gluten-Free Accreditation Program involves a thorough assessment process, including, training, allergen mapping, ingredient and recipe assessment for allergen content, kitchen protocols for allergen management, lab testing and onsite audit. The accreditation provides patrons who need to follow a strict gluten-free diet the assurance they can dine at Byron Perry Cafe. 

This accomplishment achieved recognition in the local spotlight of the Central Western Daily, where editor Benjamin Palmer conducted interviews with members of the community. 

Customers like Jody Johnson, who has coeliac disease, have expressed their appreciation for the cafe’s accreditation. Johnson mentioned in the article that eating out with coeliac disease is challenging, and having a menu with clear gluten-free options and knowledgeable staff allows her to enjoy a full range of menu choices without risking her health. 

The accreditation also has a positive impact on business. Member surveys conducted by Coeliac Australia have shown that 99 per cent of their members are likely to return to an accredited venue after a positive dining experience, often accompanied by friends or family. 

25 January 2024