Coeliac Australia


For my kids who have coeliac disease, they weren’t diagnosed until 14 years and 10 years of age (daughter and son). 

My daughter always had low iron and it didn’t trigger to me as I have low iron as do my sisters and mother, so I didn’t think anything of it. From the age of 6 my daughter was on iron supplements. It wasn’t until she was passing out on the netball court at age 14 that my GP suggested she test for CD. It came back positive. She is a silent coeliac and had no traditional signs of CD (stomach, vomit, bloating etc). Because my daughter tested positive, we then tested my son. His symptoms were occasional constipation and constant farting (I assumed it was a ‘boy’ thing)! He too shows no traditional symptoms of CD. They are both silent coeliacs which has its own challenges…when do we know they’ve been exposed to gluten! 

Both my husband and I are not positive for CD although I carry the gene.