Coeliac Australia


30+ years of microcytic anaemia while donating blood…. asked if I was a coeliac and I said no but my father had low iron, he was diagnosed as a coeliac at 94, his brother at 85, my uncle had had bowel issues all his life but was told it was due to amoebic dysentery during the war. Both grandfathers born 187o loved rice and died of small bowel disease 

10 years of osteopenia – asked if I was a coeliac and I said no, they said it must be due to early menopause. 

5 years of autoimmune diseases, regular shingles, Cryptogenic organising pneumonia, Superior Limbic Keratoconjunctivitis, Sub-acute sarcoidosis – asked why this was happening and I was told it must just be my physiology. 

Fractured wrist and went onto a “Refracture Prevention Programme” and I was diagnosed from that in my 50s.