Coeliac Australia


Teeth, I currently have 12 crowns. I was told that my teeth were compromised from Coeliac disease. I was told by a previous dentist that had I been diagnosed at an early age (I was 63 when diagnosed in 2008) I would probably not have required as many crowns or the many fillings in my teeth over the years.  

Since going on a gluten-free diet in 2008 I have only needed one filling and one crown about to be replaced later this month. 

Apparently not many dentists know of the relationship of bad teeth and coeliac disease. If some of my former dentists had known of this relationship, I would have found out earlier about coeliac, and thus would not have had my appendix (1966) or gall bladder (1990) removed by surgery. Both of these surgeries proved to be not required.  

My appendix was removed during my National Service, and I was sicker after removal of my appendix than before its removal but maybe in 1966 the Army doctors were not aware of coeliac disease.  

Does the dental profession now know of the connection between bad teeth and coeliac disease? I would assume many dentists still do not know of the connection. I do realise that there are many other reasons for bad teeth beside coeliac disease.