Coeliac Australia


I had my third child and while pregnant struggled with my iron. I was just told to get it up and take iron supplements. After having my baby, I felt terrible I went to the doctor and had a blood test done where I was asked to come back for another test, they thought I had sickle cell syndrome. They tested again it was negative for sickle cell but said there was something in my blood to do with oxygen. Nothing further was looked into. For the next 9 years I struggled with my iron some days thinking back I don’t know how I functioned. I felt dizzy, sick like I was going to faint at any time, I put on weight. I would go back to the doctor quiet a few times over those 9 years and just would be told to take iron tablets. Nothing else was ever suggested or looked into. I did go to the doctor as I had put on 15 kgs in about a year I was told to exercise more. 

At about the 9-year mark I went to the doctor, and I said something is wrong with me, help me I’m sick of feeling this way, she asked if I had been tested for gluten, which I thought was ridiculous ha ha I tested positive in my blood then had to go on to have the gastroscope and was confirmed. I have struggled constantly to eat gf as I have very minimal symptoms