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Having trouble logging in to the Members Area?

Logging into the Members Area of the website no longer requires you to retrieve a verification code from your email inbox. We have now transitioned to using email address and password log in to make the process much easier for you to access our resources.

  1. Simply use the email address that is registered with your Coeliac Australia membership.
  2. The password is the password you created the first time you logged into the Members Area.

* If you have never logged in before you will need to set up a password .


How to log in 

Please visit or click the Login button to the top right hand of the screen to log in the Members Area.

Please enter your email address registered with your Coeliac Australia membership and your password, then click submit. You will be logged in and redirected to the home page. You can then browse the Members Area under the drop-down menu labelled ‘Members Area’



Don’t remember your password?

Don’t worry if you cannot remember the password you originally set up! You can easily reset your password.

To reset your password, please click the button, labelled ‘Forgot your password?’

Forgot your password

Then enter the email address registered with your Coeliac Australia Membership.

Enter your email address - password reset

You will receive an email that includes a link to reset your password. The email will look like the below. You can click either of the links in the email.

Reset password email

You will be redirected to a webpage that will request you to enter a new password. Please enter a new password that meets the required criteria and then submit.


Your password will be reset, and this will be the password you will need to use every time you log into the Members Area.

If you need to reset your password again at a later date, please follow this same process, starting with the ‘Forgot your password’ link on the log in page.

If you are still having issues while trying to log in, please send and email to or for immediate assistance please call 1300 458 836.