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Point of Care Testing for coeliac antibodies

Point of Care Testing (PoCT) in coeliac disease refers to the finger prick test kits that are now available. 

  • PoCT for coeliac antibodies provides a means of rapidly assessing the presence or absence of coeliac antibodies

  • PoCT is accurate but inferior to laboratory based testing

  • A positive test does not confirm a diagnosis of coeliac disease

  • A positive test should be followed up with laboratory based coeliac antibody testing and does not replace the need for a confirmatory diagnosis with small bowel biopsies obtained at the time of gastroscopy (endoscopy)

  • A negative test does not exclude coeliac disease and if symptoms and/or other features are strongly suggestive of coeliac disease, serological testing and specialist advice should be obtained

  • The administration and interpretation of PoCT should be by trained practitioners

  • The administration of PoCT testing by community clinics, general practitioners and pharmacies has not been studied

  • PoCT for coeliac disease does not evaluate the many other diseases that can cause gastrointestinal symptoms. If symptoms are an ongoing concern then specialist advice should be sought.